Political Election Day Balloon Animals!

Learn how to make political election day balloon animals!
By: Holly Hopper

Election day is FINALLY here!  I am so excited for the campaigning to be OVER!  

I'm not going to get in to my political views on this blog, so to be fair to everyone I decided to make a video showing you how to make both the donkey and elephant for the 2 major political parties in the U.S.  

In case you're not aware, in the U.S. the donkey represents the democratic party and the elephant represents the repulican party.  

Hopefully all my American friends were able to get out and vote today!  Let me know if you did!  I went today and was pleasantly surprised to find there was no line, though there are 3 voting places within walking distance of my house so that probably helps :)

Are you glad elections are almost over?  What do you think of these two balloons?  Let me know, I look forward to hearing from you!

To learn how to make a donkey balloon you will need:
2 blue 260Q's
1 red 260Q
1 white 260Q
1 white 5inch round

To learn how to make an elephant balloon you will need:
1 blue 260Q
1 red 260Q
1 white 5inch round