Learn how to twist a Hippo Balloon Animal
I have been putting this video off for a while now! I've gotten many requests over the past year or so to do a video on how to make a Hippo balloon animal.  However, seeing as I didn't have a good design that I liked I kept pushing it off.   I did try several times to come up with...
Learn how to make Frankenstein out of balloons for Halloween
Today I would like to introduce you all to the latest of my twisted creations, Frank! I honestly didn't thinkn I would ever do a how to video on a balloon Frankenstein because I though it would be too difficult of a balloon sculpture.  I like to keep my free tutorials on balloon animals...
How to make an Easy Halloween Balloon Centerpiece
This is the second of my TWO bonus videos for you this week which will show you how to use my last two tutorials (Halloween Cat and Balloon Pumpkin) to make a quick cute and easy Hallooween centerpiece!  I think it's adorable and I hope you do too!     Bring this centerpiece as a...